Best Android Camera Apps

Are you facing troubles in clicking a good selfie or a portrait shot? Is your mobile phone’s camera not doing justice to the amazing and scenic locations? You feel sad when the camera’s picture comes out blurry?
If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then do not worry. We have decided to come up with the best camera app for android that would leave you awestruck. Even if your Android phone’s camera is average and does not yield positive results, the following apps will help you in fulfilling your objectives.
So, stay tuned and keep reading!

1)Candy Camera:

Candy Camera has made it to the top of our list. There are many reasons because of which we have decided to put Candy Camera on top of our list. Candy Camera is one of the most downloaded apps on the Android Play store. It has got a variety of features that help in enhancing the photos. There are numerous features available on this app that can beautify the image in the most amazing manner. The most important part of this app is that it does not over-power the photos, rather it produces a genuine touch that classifies the photos that we take.
An option is given to the users to swipe left and right in order to choose the best filter. The app creators have worked really hard in many areas in order to make it the best camera app for Android. They have been coming up with regular updates in order to keep the app up and running.
Another imperative thing to note down about this app is that it gives the ease to the users to check the filters with real-time coverage. In this manner, people would be able to toggle between the filters and quickly, thereby choosing the best among them.
Let’s have a look at the ground-breaking features of this app:


• A great number of filters are present on this app. The creators are even coming up with new filters on a regular basis. So, it’s a plus for all those who are looking to enhance their photos.

• Several beauty functions make this app noteworthy. You want to apply liner or lipstick, this app has got everything.

• Want to look cute? Want to express thoughts through an inventive technique? Download Candy Camera now. It has got stickers that will enable you to do so.

• Another over the top functionality of this app is that it provides you the option of making a well-defined collage.

2) B612- Beauty & Filter Camera:

If you are a selfie enthusiast or a camera lover, then you must check out the B612- Beauty & Filter Camera app. It is not only a camera app, to be precise it is a whole bundle of happiness. It provides a wide array of options in which the most amazing option is its video functionality. Yes, my lovely readers! You heard it right. It also has functions of creating startling videos that can be attached to whatever melody we want. Another unique aspect of the app is that we can additionally control the playback speed of the videos, making them accurate for our usage.
The panache and glamor of this app is its diversity in filters. So, you can get the best camera app for android as well as video making app, packaged into one. Filters on this app are beyond our imagination. The update system of B612- Beauty & Filter Camera app is also quite swift and regular. You can judge the app’s charm through the following attributes:

• This app is a mini-robot. It remembers our widely used filters and it quickly applies them by itself. We do not have to go through a hassle as the app performs its job quite convincingly.

• The interface is extremely intuitive. For a newbie, B612- Beauty & Filter Camera is perfect in all aspects. The navigational system is also very easy and the new user will effortlessly adapt to the app.

• There is a versatile collage making option through which we can make collages on the go. On the other hand, we can also make collages along with the enhanced functionality of 3D images.

• Additionally, B612- Beauty & Filter Camera app offers the functionality of boomerang videos. So, make exceptional and funny videos while using this option and enjoy.

3) Adobe Photoshop Express- Photo Editor Collage Maker:

Adobe Photoshop is a huge name in the photo and video world. Adobe is one of the most renowned companies that are in business for a long time now. We have witnessed the staggering success of Adobe Photoshop. Now, they have launched an Android camera app. People might have faced basic problems in their photos. They might feel the need for a camera app that would adjust their photos to perfection. Consequently, the Adobe Photoshop Express app can do wonders in its field. Though there are few misconceptions about this app that it is an alternative of the Adobe Photoshop for PC. This is wrong. But, what Adobe Photoshop is doing in its domain is worth mentioning. It is a minimalistic tool for camera lovers. It gives the functionality of re-classifying the pictures instantly. The basic fixes are provided in an easy manner so that you do not have to worry about your pictures coming out blurred or grainy. Few incomparable features of the best camera app for android are given below:

• It is a powerhouse for all those people who are having troubles in capturing quality photos. The diverse functionality consist of the simplest options like crop, rotate or resize and at the same time, it offers an immense amount of artistic effects.

• The app is completely free of cost. It is add-free so you would not encounter any of those annoying ads. As these ads are a huge hindrance in the way of goodness.

• Photo frames and watermark capability of the app is mind-blowing. There are numerous amount of photo frames available that can make your photos look ingenious and innovative.

• The photos can be shared directly to any social media account in just a single click. You can save a huge amount of time by making use of this function.

4) Snapseed:

Looking for a renowned app produced by Google? Download Snapseed immediately. Google invented Snapseed and it straightaway became the need of the Android phones. Google has implemented this app in a great manner. Google takes pride in developing a camera app that fulfills most of the needs. The variety of editing tools makes this app exceptional. Having multiple filters and additional tools, it has become the top-rated app in the industry. As the app is produced by Google itself, the updating functionality abrupt and speedy. If there are any bugs in the app, the developers will instantly take charge and will remove them consequently. The graphics interface of the app is very easy. It is apt for beginners as well as professional camera enthusiasts. It has a range of exclusive options and it also has some key features that give this app an edge over its contemporaries. Have a look at the top most features of Google Snapseed:

• RAW files can be easily edited on this software. It is capable of enhancing the RAW photos and you can easily export the photos into the JPEG format. The photo will remain intact and will never lose its credibility and superiority.

• The app is completely free which makes it the best camera app for android. For all the camera lovers who are looking for a point to start their photography process, then they can definitely check this app out.

• The controls are gesture-based. Multiple gestures can be used in order to navigate. The functionality is unique in its own skin and makes the app really interesting and easy to use.

• The styles can be tweaked according to your choices. Just save your personal look and instantly apply it to the photos you take. In this manner, you will be able to save the images according to your own wishes and perceptions.

5) BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera:

Fascinating and the most loved camera app for the youngsters is BeautyPlus. BeautyPlus has pledged to provide unique features with extreme adaptability. It vows to the users that they will get top features in an easier manner. When we look towards the camera apps, their functionality makes us mad. Sometimes, the controls get out of our hands and the picture gets destroyed. The basic function of Beauty Plus is to boost our pictures in an extraordinary fashion. It presents around 800 different filters and tools. The app is updated on a daily basis. New features are added regularly. The skin editor makes the skin look perfect without any spots and blemishes whatsoever. All the features of our face are accounted for in this app. Do allow me to present some exceptional features of this app right here:

• BeautyPlus boosts its performance as it now exhibits AR (Augmented Reality) filters. These filters are quite fun to use. The users will enjoy while applying such filters to their photos.

• Although a few features of this app are paid. But most of the features of BeautyPlus are free. All the free features are exceptional and provide great value to the users. But whoever wants to upgrade to the paid features, they can easily do that in just a few minutes.

• BeautyPlus accommodates to the occasions really well. Whenever there is an occasion such as Christmas or Halloween, it comes up with filters that fit these occasions.

• A selfie timer and a multiple facial recognition are built-in into the app. So, you can take photos without shaking them. The photos will never come out blurry and shaken if you use this option. Multiple facial recognition will effortlessly recognize all of your friends so that you can enjoy your parties by clicking unlimited photos through BeautyPlus which is one of the best camera app for android.

Well, we have discussed the best Android camera apps of the modern-day. These apps provide immense adaptability and convenience for all those who are tired of stock cameras. So, take a fresh start and download these apps now!

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